In today's business environment, keeping costs low while retaining key employees with affordable insurance is essential. In the past, you'd make a call to your local insurance agent, and they'd offer a few options from a few companies...if you were lucky. You were never really sure if you got not only the most affordable coverage, but also the right coverage.

At GBS, we'll empower you to make the right choices by explaining the differences in carriers and coverage. Having helped thousands find the right insurance, we know how to provide the coverage you need at a rate you can afford.

With GBS, you receive:

  • Advice from independent experts

  • A focus on your personal needs

  • Creative coverage solutions from people that are knowledgeable in the differences between plans and carriers

  • Access to multiple plans...from multiple carriers

  • Lower overall costs that comes with our group buying power

We take the time to explain how your business can protect itself without hurting the bottom line. For more information or a detailed quote, use our request form for businesses, or contact us today at (330) 659-0100.