Will this service cost me any money?

No, GBS does not charge a fee for most of our services. However, in some cases an attorney or CPA may be needed and their fair and usual rates may be charged to the client.

I do not live/work in Ohio, how can you provide a service to me?

GBS has a network of qualified agents through out the USA that will come to you and give you the same service you would receive from one of our home agents. We have a screening process for these agents to ensure you are receiving the best service available.

I have heard the old adage "it is not safe to put all of your eggs into one basket," if I move all of my insurance and financial needs to GBS, won't I be putting my self at risk?

No, while that cliche offers solid advice, by placing all of your insurance and financial woes with GBS, you will never have all of your "eggs" in one "basket." Diversifying, or spreading, your risk is a core principle of GBS. Consider GBS as an airport sending each one of your needs out on a plane, but rarely the same plane. If one goes down, there are still many others flying.

Why does my credit rating determine my insurance rates?

Insurance industry studies have found that not only are bad credit risks more likely to file auto and homeowner claims, but they are also more likely to agree that it's OK to inflate a claim to make up for a deductible. Insurers say they pay far more for the losses of new customers, so they need better tools to evaluate applicants. Credit scoring fits the bill.

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